In an era when personal attention spans are the length of a Tweet, I have the patience, dedication and commitment to see things through – whether they are work projects or friendships. A strong work ethic is ingrained in all that I do.

If you could sum me up in one word, it would be faithful. I stick by friends, relatives, even exes. I make no distinction between my blood family and the family I have created throughout my life. Like the copy and paste commands on the computer, I utilize that technique in real life, drawing knowledge and emotion from the best sources and the best friends. I believe in the good of people and make sure I stress my own personal best.

People with excess energy are called A-types. While I exhibit that level of initiative and excitement, eager to tackle new challenges, I am not an exhausting person. On the contrary, friends and colleagues say that I inspire them by transmitting my optimism and energy. If I do worry at times, that merely guarantees that I pay extra attention to plans and projects, so that nothing is overlooked. More A-type evidence? I love the stripes in my carpet after I have just done the vacuuming. And I prefer white t-shirts with collars that don’t sag.

While I am certainly self-motivated and constantly learning new skills, I am not a solitary man. I am a team player, not given to petty competition. My feeling is: if I do well, then I am sure that success is shared with my friends. And when they do well, so will I. Perhaps that is why I keep friends for many, many years.

Some say that strength is also my weakness. In the workplace, where dog-eat-dog is the norm, I refuse to play the game for personal advancement. I believe that the best-qualified person shall eventually emerge on top, without resorting to dirty tricks or dishonesty. I have no hidden agenda.

I have arrived at age 33 with these morals and ideals intact.

To understand me fully, one must look at my background. My father was a priest when he met my mom. She was a nun at the time. They decided to marry, but they have maintained their dedication to the Church. Their lives have proven to me that one can fit in while still holding on to your own identity. I have an older brother, a younger brother, and two foster sisters. I have traveled the globe a few times, preferring everyday street life and chatting with locals instead of being dragged to sightseeing spots and tourist traps. I lived for two years in Japan while working for the Government Board of Education.

I do not draw a line between my professional life and my personal life. I live my life without divisions. I am always looking for inspiration for my work. I have created installation art, mixed media and graphic design. My favorite color is PANTONE 397.